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Book Two

Throughout the shadowy world of ghost and demonds there is no figure so terrible, no figure so dreaded and abhorred, yet dight with such fearful fascination, as the vampire, who is himself neither ghost nor demon, but yet who partakes the dark natures and possesses the mysterious and terrible qualities of both.

“I love you Rowan, I am amazed that you are willing, that you want to give me… your heart, body, and soul, it’s just that I can’t let you. I want you to be a hundred percent of me before you do.” 

It was those words that rang through my head now, as my world was turned upside down. I didn’t understand what he meant by them then, but now the pieces were starting to fall into place. Lies were coming to light and half truths were starting to make sense. 

I was willing to give him every part of me, heart, body and soul, because I love him. Because I thought that he was the one thing I could be sure of. Because I thought I knew him. Now… I wasn’t so sure. 

I was beginning to question, did I know him at all? 

I mean, I knew he had secrets, I knew he wore a mask, I just chose to ignore it. I choose to love what I saw, and believe that in time he would tell me it all. Or maybe I just didn’t want to see the truth to begin with, afraid of what it would being out of the shadows. Now… the truth was out and there was no going back. There was no more hiding behind a mask. No more lies or half truths. No more deceptions. I was either going to be a hundred percent of him by the end of the night, or I wasn’t. 

But I wanted to be. 

Because I loved him. 


Because I wanted to know him, completely. 


Because every night I would dream that I would find him and now I have, and I didn’t want to let that go. The idea scared me to even think about. But was I ready for the world that came with him? Was I ready to find out that blood sucking monsters were real? Or that one of them was coming after me? 


Ready or not, by the end of the night, Sebastian Knight Jackson would be taking off

his mask.

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