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Two hales of one heart. Fated to be together. Fighting to stay together. Staying above the line between love and hate. Finding their happily ever after, one they didn't expect. 

Dark, Light and Love
Book One
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The window in the hall next to the front door shattered into pieces, it was like time had frozen and each piece of shattered glass hit the floor with a magical sound.


Growing up, I never had the same dream more than once, but there was always one thing each dream had in common. Every night a mysterious man, with blue eyes, not like the sky, or the sea, but something in between, he was my other half in every way and I didn’t even know his name. In some dreams he was a knight in shining armor, and in others he was just a regular old southern boy. He was everything my mom promised me he would be. In every dream I could pick him out of a crowd, but every morning when I woke I couldn’t remember a thing about him other than his striking blue eyes. I rather sleep forever if it meant I could be with him. 


He was my true love, saving me in my darkest hour. He was my light, and a love that I never thought possible. But I never thought that my life could take such a dark turn, so I never paid much attention to those parts of the story, but I fell in love with the idea that he was my other half, my true love.


Now my darkest hour was upon me, the one I tried to forget, and it was so much darker than I ever could have imagined. Everything I knew and loved was taken away in a single night. My mom always prepared me for the day I found the other half of my heart, but she never prepared me for this. 


If I was ever going to find the light again, and feel its warmth… I had to find him!

Under The Mask


Book Two

Throughout the shadowy world of ghost and demonds there is no figure so terrible, no figure so dreaded and abhorred, yet dight with such fearful fascination, as the vampire, who is himself neither ghost nor demon, but yet who partakes the dark natures and possesses the mysterious and terrible qualities of both.

“I love you Rowan, I am amazed that you are willing, that you want to give me… your heart, body, and soul, it’s just that I can’t let you. I want you to be a hundred percent of me before you do.” 

It was those words that rang through my head now, as my world was turned upside down. I didn’t understand what he meant by them then, but now the pieces were starting to fall into place. Lies were coming to light and half truths were starting to make sense. 

I was willing to give him every part of me, heart, body and soul, because I love him. Because I thought that he was the one thing I could be sure of. Because I thought I knew him. Now… I wasn’t so sure. 

I was beginning to question, did I know him at all? 

I mean, I knew he had secrets, I knew he wore a mask, I just chose to ignore it. I choose to love what I saw, and believe that in time he would tell me it all. Or maybe I just didn’t want to see the truth to begin with, afraid of what it would being out of the shadows. Now… the truth was out and there was no going back. There was no more hiding behind a mask. No more lies or half truths. No more deceptions. I was either going to be a hundred percent of him by the end of the night, or I wasn’t. 

But I wanted to be. 

Because I loved him. 


Because I wanted to know him, completely. 


Because every night I would dream that I would find him and now I have, and I didn’t want to let that go. The idea scared me to even think about. But was I ready for the world that came with him? Was I ready to find out that blood sucking monsters were real? Or that one of them was coming after me? 


Ready or not, by the end of the night, Sebastian Knight Jackson would be taking off

his mask.

Falling to Pieces
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Book Three

But I was not moving forward into death, there was no peace there, even if my mom was actually waiting for me. Death was dark. I was going back to a life. Back to light. Back to love. Back to Sebastian. Back to my family. Back to where hope ran high and love prevailed. 

All was peaceful. Drake was gone and out of our lives. I was different on the outside, but I refused to let that fact change who I was on the inside. Things were good, we were happy. I was fine living a simple, quiet, life as long as Sebastian was at my side. Slowly we were finally finding our normal.

I thought that Drake was the end of our threats, and even if he wasn't at least I could fight my own battles now, or at least that's what I thought. I couldn't be more wrong... I needed them more than ever, especially now with this prophecy, a war between the vampires and the werewolves. A war that if vampires lost then they'd have no choice but to bow down and become slaves to the dogs, or in other words hell on earth. 


And if that wasn't bad enough, my death was the key to it all. 

Putting everyone one that I loved in danger because they were going to do whatever it took to protect me. They would be on the front lines. The wolves are going to come after them first. They'll go after Sebastian. 

I wouldn't give up though, I couldn't. 


I would fight, I am going to fight to stay with him, even if that meant that I had to run from him first to keep him out of harms way. Even if I had to go into hiding for the rest of my life.


Even if that meant that I had stared death in the face, laugh, turned in the other direction and run like hell. 


Love Prevails
Book Four


You know for so long all I’ve ever wanted was for you to need me for once, like I’ve always needed you. Just once I wanted you to ask me to be your rock, but I guess I never gave you the opportunity. Maybe now that I am giving you that chance, you feel like you can’t…

We thought that maybe we would find some answers in another realm. At The Library of Answers, it was in the name. And yet, there was nothing.


Well we did find out why I was destined to be like him, why I had his mark and not the one of a monster. But what did that have to do with this, the here and now? I wasn't human anymore. 


There was the riddle, but it didn't make any sense. 

Oh and that our realm is overrun by greed, but that greed has many faces, and not all of those faces are bad. That love itself is a form of greed, in its own way. And with that came a warning, that there is a fine line between love and hate and that I should tread lightly. 

What was that supposed to mean? 

That I was supposed to be careful with Sebastian? That somehow our love would cross that line? 


Another piece of the puzzle that didn't make any sense. 

If one thing was going to help us through this and see this prophecy dead, it was love. What little we managed to get from the library, it was obvious, at least to me, it had to do with us, me and Sebastian. Our love. 


And if I've learned one thing since I met Sebastian, making it through all the things we have gone through, love always prevails. Love is our strength and our power, love is the one thing that those dogs will never see coming and when it hits them it will be too late. But was love the key out of this mess just as I was the key to starting it? 

Probably not... 

But one can always dream.

Copy of Copy of Passionate Couple Romance Book Cover-3.jpg
Now and Forever
Now &
Book Five

Do you think I want to leave? Sebastian, I don’t, but you are making me choose… You are my world, you’ve kept me together through everything. You are everything I’ve always wanted, but so is he…

I said yes (and this time for real) and now we were FREE. I knew that we were the key to ending it all, but who would’ve guessed that, one question one word meant our happily ever after. 


First, he was my light. 


Then my love, my mate, 


And now my husband. 


The whole world seemed to open up to us and I couldn’t wait to find out what happens next… 


But when the past I had no idea about comes to light, it made me question…




I thought that the prophecy was the challenge to our relationship, our love, to test if we were enough. I thought our love prevailed, but I also thought I knew him. I thought all masks were off, all the walls were down between us, that there were no more secrets. I knew I had his future, but come to find out, I didn’t know his past at all, I didn’t know if I could trust that I knew who he was, and that scared me. How could I marry someone I didn’t really know?


Once the truth was out, a lot of things started to make sense. Why he knew so much, how he fit in so well in both worlds. But I also realized how much danger we were in by being there. No one was supposed to know he was alive. The fire that killed his parents wasn’t just some accident, they were all supposed to die that night. 

He lived for a reason, so we can find each other. I loved him, and his secret didn't change anything. 


I was ready to live our happily ever after. Before him, that happily ever went beyond us, I wanted more. After him, it was us against the world and I was okay with that. I didn't need more. But was more possible?

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