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Dark, Light and Love
Book One

Because it is not simple to split a heart in two, you have to take a little imperfection for something so rare and special.


Now if this were a fairytale, and I’m not saying that it is, there is always a twist in events, right? An evil villain who comes into town just to shake things up. More times than not, it is the beautiful girl who is caught up in all of it, who has to pay the price. This story is no different, but have no fear, my sweet girl, because for every villain there is always a hero, a knight in shining armor, a prince charming, and even a creature some might think are only in nightmares. 

This is the hero.

But there is another, who is the villain. 

The sound of shattering glass and red eyes, is the beginning of the end. 

Trapped in darkness. 

She believes she’ll never find the light again. She thought that because of what happened she didn’t deserve to find it again anyway. She blamed herself. 

Mama’s voice cracked as she spoke, “But, Sweetheart, she shouldn’t. There was nothing that she could have done!”

As a matter of fact, this beautiful girl was in more danger than ever before. Just because she could no longer see him, that didn’t mean that he wasn’t watching, that he couldn’t feel her, follow her, get into her head. 

But there will be a light. 

The beautiful girl deserved nothing but light and when she finds it, it will be the color of the sea, or the color of the sky, a shade of blue in between, or all of the shades above. Alas, the light turned out not to be a light at all. It wasn’t the sea or the sky, or something in between. They were eyes, eyes as blue as the sea, the sky and every blue in between.

“Remember what I said though? Every story has a hero?” Mama said, breaking from the story and putting her finger under my chin so I had to look up at her, “He won’t be that far away, she just has to be patient, he will appear when she least expects it. But when they do meet, it will be this instant connection. She just has to open her heart and her mind to the idea of him.” 

“Why wouldn’t her heart be open to him?”

She put her finger to her lips and went on with the story. 

He is her light. Even with darkness of his own.

Her love. Her other half.

No matter what goes wrong, he’s the one she can turn to. 

He is more than a hero.

But don’t think it’s only him who does all the saving. He might be the beautiful girl’s white knight and prince charming, but she will save him as much as he saves her. And I am going to let you in on a little secret, they live happily ever after. 


Under the
Book Two

You're next and I will not stop till one of us is dead!

Who is he? 

How can I love him when I don’t even know him? 

“I’ve wanted to tell you…” 

I can’t help but jump at the sound of a hollow voice behind me. I almost didn’t recognize his voice, but I tense all the same as I turn to face Sebastian. There is a look on his face and in his eyes that I’ve never seen before. As if he’s broken and lost. His head bowed as if he can’t bring himself to even look at me, but there is not hiding the tears in his eyes. His shoulders slumped in defeat. The whole thing makes me want to go to him, wrap my arms around him like he has done so many times before, and tell him that everything is going to be okay. 

But I can’t. That same feeling of betrayal and heart break clenches around my heart, the same feeling I had when he told me that he just wanted be friends instead of just being with me. But this time it’s different. This isn’t a matter of my heart and wanting to be with him, this is about trust. He didn’t trust me with the truth. 

“And yet you kept me in the dark…” I said, I don’t even recognize my own voice as I spoke. 

“I was trying to keep you from the darkness!” A sense of urgency enters his voice. 

“Keep me from it?!” I scoffed, “How can you keep from something that’s already consumed me…?” 

Bash shook his head, “Your kind of light can’t be consumed, Sweetpea.” 

“Flattery is not going to work here, Sebastian.” 

“I promised you the truth…” 

“Did you now? And when did you make said promise, because you’ve been breaking it since the moment we met!” 

I realized then how much Bash and I really had in common. In all the people that I've touched, of all the pasts that I’ve had to relive for someone in a short amount of time, I had never seen one so dark. And now staring into his blue eyes, I had never felt so close to him. Seeing him in a whole new light. The boy who would've done anything to run back into that burning building to save his parents, to keep everyone he loved safe. 

And he loved me. 

He would keep me safe. 

I felt safe with him. 

And I felt myself falling in love with him all over again. 

What felt like the first time (now that I knew the truth).

Book RE-Release: April 3, 2024

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